7 facts you should know before buying a car

Seven simple suggestions help you get a better deal in car purchase.

1. Pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and its current mileage

The seller must be able to give you information on the level of wear and deterioration of the various parts of the vehicle and any problems that have already arisen.

Be aware of these info, you might save some before or after the deal is done.

2. Look for parts been modified or replaced

Modifications or replacements of parts, such as new brakes or a new set of tires, may increase the value of the vehicle. 

A simple glance will help you predict the maintenance costs to be incurred in the coming years.

3. Book a test drive

A drive test is essential before purchasing any new or used vehicle. This is an opportunity to take a seat on board, to see how you feel behind the wheel and to determine if it meets your needs. There are a lot of things to watch out for and listen to as well as little tests to do to really try out the vehicle you're interested in.

4. Be sure if winter tires are included (optional for tropical regions)

Winter tires is essential in the frigid region. In fact, it's mandatorily required by the law in certain provinces. 

Ask the seller if the used vehicle advertised includes a set of winter tires – it could be the little extra that will tip the scales. 

5. Ask for the background details

There are several reasons for someone to get rid of a vehicle, such as the growing family, the changing lifestyle or even a driving behavior that does not meet certain expectations. Know what motivates the seller before deciding to buy the vehicle.

6. Scrutinize the maintenance and other terms on the invoice

The vehicle maintenance history will give you a good idea of ​​its general condition and the care it has received. With invoices, you will know exactly what to expect when you visit the garage.

7. Check the history of the vehicle

A vehicle report tells you if the used car or truck that interests you has an accident past, retention rights, unsettled recall notices and much more. 

Combined with pre-purchase inspection, this is the most important type of information to obtain to make an informed decision. In the absence of such a document, you should make a cross on the purchase. 

Though the seven advices don’t guarantee regret-free, they will help you seal a better deal.