Can vehicle registration number be kept when registering a new car?

It’s possible to keep your license plate when you move to another city or district.

Actually starting from the year of 2015, vehicles that are registered at the time of moving can continue to drive around with the “old vehicle registration number”. The only criteria here is that the city or district code on the license plate still matches your old place of residence.

What's the advantages of keeping the old number plate?

Keeping your old number plate means that you can benefit from one major advantage: money-saving. 

Here are the things that save your bills can use when you keep your vehicle registration number:

  • The fact that you don't have to buy new car signs can already save you money

  • Fee for reservation: Your wallet is also relieved by saving you the reservation fee for reserving the desired license plate. If you are allowed to keep your car plates with the desired number plate, you do not have to apply for a new one at your place of residence. The saving is at least 50 dollars, with which you can invest on the car gadgets. 

Note: The reservation fee is regulated in accordance with the Department of Traffic across the world. Also, you can only keep your vehicle registration number if your car was or is approved during the move or when you register. If your car is pending to be examined, you must apply for a new pair of signs at your new residency.

Speaking of re-registering – of course you should always have all the necessary documents together to re-register your vehicle. You will need these documents just in case:

  • Vehicle registration certifications.
  • Identity card or passport
  • Electronic insurance number

Keeping the number plate when changing owners or changing vehicles – is that possible?

You want to keep your license plate number, for example after the car has been rewritten by your parents, so there are a few things to consider. The reason behind is it is only possible to take a license plate number here to a limited extent. 

As a rule, if the owner changes only in the same registration area, you can keep the license plate of the vehicle. 

If you are the old vehicle owner and you as the new owner that does not live in the same registration area, you can usually not take the signs with you and have to apply for new vehicle registration numbers

If that's the case you are in, you should work out what is more worthwhile for you. Especially with novice drivers, it is often the case that the parents first register a car to save insurance costs. 

If you want to have the car registered for you later, you must bear in mind that this will incur additional registration costs and that you may have to conclude a new car insurance contract, which may also be more expensive.

Incidentally, there is another case in which it is also not possible to take the number plate with you: if you have already taken your vehicle numbers with you, as already said, when moving. When you buy a new vehicle, you have to apply for a new license plate, which is also given the abbreviation of the registration area in which you currently live.

Just in case you bought a new car and now you want to keep your car numbers – for example, because you chose a license plate of your choice at the time and it should now also be displayed on the new car. 

So far so good, but what do you have to do in this case? If you don't move, you have a good chance that you can keep your license plates. 

Exactly how this works depends a little on the registration office on site. The King license plate knows the following options:

When deregistering the old motor vehicle, you state directly in the registration authority that you want to continue using your previous car plate. Some authorities allow direct transport for a fee – here the costs vary depending on the city or district.

You can deregister your old car and have your previous license plate reserved by the registration authority as your preferred number plate. However, in order for you to be able to use the license plate number again, the number plates have to rest for one day and cannot be used on another vehicle.

This period of stay varies according to districts or countries, so it is suggested that you call the local registration office for more information.