10 scenarios where you should buy a new car

Cars are memories but not a long-lasting one. Below are 10 scenarios where you should buy a new car instead of get it repaired.

1. Damages caused by accident

Modern cars no longer have a chassis that could be irreparably distorted in the event of an accident – but even the bumpers are full of sensitive technology, such as radar devices for distance measurement or sensors for the parking beeper.

For example, a tiny crack in the bumper can cause you at least 50+ hundred dollars, the destruction of the radiator and a xenon headlight can mean total damage in an older car.

2. Engine damage

Many experts say: Modern engines last well over 500k kilometers. Nevertheless, an assembly can be damaged by overloading and wear, maintenance or material errors.

The toothed belt is the Achilles' heel of many machines: if a change date is not observed or the belt is contaminated, for example, by spilled oil, it can tear spontaneously during operation. Half of all engine damage is said to be due to defects in the flexible control.

The result of a broken toothed belt is torn valves, piston seizures, and damage to the crankshaft. And many manufacturers no longer offer complete motors as replacements.

3. Coupling

The clutch that connects or separates the gearbox and engine is a wearing part, but like many components, it lasts significantly longer today, usually well over 100k kilometers. Since this assembly is inevitably located between the engine and the gearbox, there is a lot of work to do to get the part.

The result is a high workload, often up to four hours. That drives up the costs: more than 3k dollars can be due for a clutch replacement – the material costs are usually far less than half.

4. Turbocharger

Turbochargers are quickly damaged by insufficient oil supply

The turbocharger is driven by the exhaust gas flow and heats the combustion by compressed air, so it has a performance-enhancing effect. 

In principle, a modern turbocharger can last a lifetime. Damage is quickly caused by inadequate oil supply, because the loader runs at over 300k revolutions per minute – low-quality oil, blockages in the system or foreign substances can interrupt the supply, which means that problems quickly arise. Clogged particle filters can also block the exhaust gas flow on the turbocharger.

The replacement of this assembly – repair is often not worthwhile due to the required precision work – usually costs well over 30 hundred bills. 

5. Head gasket

The seal between the cylinder block and head should never be defective – but overheating, caused by a leak in the cooling system, for example, can damage it. 

The symptoms are cooling water in the engine oil, a broken cooling system (caused by the escaping combustion pressure from the engine) or black smoke from the exhaust in connection with loss of performance.

Depending on the size of the unit, brand and specialist company, the repair quickly goes into the red range at 1000 to 2000 euros – here it is worth comparing prices. Many attachments have to be removed so that the cylinder head can be gripped and ground. If the head was damaged, 2500 euros and more are quickly due.

6. Transmission

Gearbox damage usually only occurs after a long mileage, but it can also be the result of operating errors or incorrect maintenance, for example, using the wrong oil. 

The causes of gearbox damage are so diverse that an estimate of costs depends very much on the individual case – sometimes even repairing the gearbox is cheaper than a complete replacement, which can cost several thousand euros depending on the brand and model.

7. Air conditioning

If the air conditioning compressor goes over the plank, you can, of course, take off your sweater and continue with the window open. However, defective comfort components reduce resale value. 

Damage is caused by a lack of maintenance and insufficient operation. 

If the system does not run at least once a month, it can easily lead to leaks. The air conditioning compressor can also fail due to lack of regular lubrication (due to the coolant).

An exchange is quick, but the costs for the complex component are high. 

The costs are also different according to different models. For Ford Ranger, you need to pay around thirty hundred bills for this repair. For Golf however, the replacement of the air conditioning compressor costs only around ten hundred dollars.

8. Timing belt

Timing belts are tricky – they age due to high loads, but also due to time. Lasting for six years top, you should have the drive belt replaced, even if the car was only standing around during this time. And this routine replacement costs a lot – some models have to be dismantled a lot to get at the belt, and other parts should also be replaced at the same time:

9. Headlights

Due to the compact design of modern cars, even changing a headlight can sometimes be quite labour-intensive, and bumpers or parts of the radiator often have to be removed. 

The average life of the burner is about 2000 hrs, so that after five to six years two they need to be replaced.

10. Control devices and electronics

Cars are no longer the same as they were 50 years ago: while the vehicle itself has become much more durable and economical, the proportion of comfort and safety has increased significantly, which has increased costs and maintenance.

If two or more scenarios happen, you’d better consider to buy a new car.