A Road-test on Proton Iriz – Find the hidden improvements

In April 2019, Proton Iriz a small modification of the 2019 model is released by Proton in Malaysia. It can be seen that the factory has worked a lot on this new car because it is not only the first minor modification of Iriz since its release but also the first minor modification conducted by the Proton and Geely together, which is the first show after they announced to cooperate officially. Anyway, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this new car for everyone in the near future and hope this review can bring some help to those who’re interested. 

Proton Iriz, code-named P230A, debuted in September 2014. Proton had not yet established a relationship with Geely. Despite facing financial difficulties, Proton still had certain expectations for Iriz, so it was called a global compact. The purpose of the automobile is to borrow it to expand overseas and expand its business. Of course, as a replacement model of ProtonSavvy, Iriz also shoulders the heavy task of keeping the subdivision for Proton and competing with the Malaysian national car PeroduaMyvi. Later, Iriz's tepid performance in the local area was naturally missed on the international stage. During these 5 years, Iriz made a small change in 2017. At that time, the factory mainly improved its noise, vibration, and vibration roughness and the CVT gearbox. The appearance changes were minimal, so Proton and Instead of calling it a minor makeover, consider it a minor improvement. 

At the same time, the factory also emphasized that this time the Iriz car has a total of 367 improvements, and many improvements can’t be seen directly, including better assembly quality, The optimized sound insulation engineering, better driving texture, better braking performance and fuel consumption performance have also improved. For example, in terms of braking performance, Proton has improved and replaced component suppliers to ensure that the reliability and quality of the obtained brake components are better than before, thereby improving the overall performance. Braking performance, and through the quality scoring standards introduced by Geely, Iriz's quality control score is now a lot better than before.

 So in simple terms, in addition to the part that can be seen by the naked eye (inner appearance), Proton emphasizes the quality of the new car, but is it really as the factory said? What intuitive improvements does the 367 improvements bring us? Let ’s talk about it next. First look at the appearance. After the minor modification, Iriz canceled the original perspective lens light set, replaced it with the same shade headlight set as Persona, and the traditional fog lights on the front bumper were also canceled. , Replaced by LED daytime running lights (except 1.3StandardMT and CVT two levels, all other levels are standard). 

At the same time, the front face of the new car also has a brand-new design. In the water tank cover part, the factory added a chrome trim strip across the lamp groups on both sides. Teng claims that the design was inspired by EtherealBow. On the car side, the only change in the new car is a new style of wheels. At the rear of the car, the upper part of the new car under the rear windshield was supplemented by a large area of ​​bright black paint veneer. The original emblem embedded in the middle was also removed and replaced with the word PROTON. In addition, the antenna on the roof of the new car has also been replaced with a shark fin design, and a new spoiler rear wing is replaced; when then the design of the bumper has also changed. 

I rarely review the shape of a car on a test drive report, but this time I want to share my personal views with you. Frankly, the shape of the small Iriz this time did not surprise me. I have mixed views on its design. The good part is that the rear design really sublimates its beauty. As for the front face, I can only say that it does not meet my aesthetic taste. Of course, it doesn't mean that it looks ugly, but I personally think that the imaginary bow chrome trim of the middle water tank cover is a bit abrupt, and it is better to directly change to the latest infinite weaving design of the Proton family. In addition, I did not agree with the original practice of see-through lens lights. Although it is said that sharing the same light set with Persona can save costs, it is also equivalent to downgrading. 

Seeing that Myvi can all be equipped with LED headlights as standard, I think Proton should keep up with the times. If you can't give LEDs, you should not at least reverse them. Now that we have finished the exterior, let's move on to the interior. The biggest change in this small Iriz is the color screen host on the center console. This time it replaced the new host that supports the HiProton voice control system and uses the GKUI operating system from Geely. Proton claims that the system's user interface and smoothness performance are better than before. I personally feel that the smoothness of the actual operation is acceptable, but there is still room for improvement. 

In addition, the new car also has a shortcut key to activate the sound control system at three o'clock, but it is not as rich in functionality as the X70. For example, it cannot open or close the windows, headlights, and air conditioning through sound control. , Can only carry out some more basic instructions such as enabling navigation and songs. In addition, another highlight is that the dashboard of the new car has been redesigned. Although it still uses the traditional pointer type, the original monochrome driving information display screen in the middle has become larger, and it has also been changed to color. For an entry-level model, I personally think that this dashboard is very good, but the information displayed on this screen is monotonous and lacks other information.

Furthermore, the small-model Iriz has also been replaced with a gearshift lever similar to the X70, while the middle rear-view mirror has also been replaced with a frameless design. As for the seat part, in fact, the seat design of the new car has not changed. The top 1.6 premium version still uses semi-leather and half-fleece material, but the decorative pattern in the middle of the seat has a different design. It is commendable that the assembly process / quality of the interior parts of the Iriz car has improved a lot after the small remodel because I also have an original version of the Iriz before the small remodel, so it is relatively high. see. I still remember that Iriz's house was just a short time after Iriz picked up the car, and when passing through a road with poor road conditions, there was a lot of friction noise from the cockpit.


However, after this small makeover, I have not heard any noise for two days, which shows that its assembly is more solid. In any case, it must be emphasized that Iriz is still very new in this test drive, and whether there will be more noise in the future, this can only be known by real car owners. As for space, the new car is just a small makeover, and the overall structure is basically unchanged from the previous. I think that it is just an entry-level B segment hatchback. Space is not its demand. Naturally, it is not suitable for family cars. In fact, Iriz's customer group is also a freshman, a student, or a single person.

If you want to compare, the performance of the knee space in the back seat of Iriz is obviously inferior to that of Myvi, but the width and height of the interior of the car are actually OK. At least when the front row is adjusted to the normal sitting position, you will not feel a strong sense of oppression, but it will be inevitable if you sit with 2 adults on rear seats. In terms of space performance of the luggage compartment, this is undeniably its disadvantage. Iriz's capacity is 215 liters, which is a full 62 liters smaller than rival Myvi's 277 liters. This is really an annoyance for some friends with daily loading requirements. 

Alright, let's go directly to the focus of the test drive! In terms of power configuration, the small modified Iriz is still divided into 1.3L and 1.6L engine versions. They also use the Proton's independently developed CamproVVT naturally aspirated gasoline engine, and the transmission also maintains the CVT provided by Punch. According to the data provided by the manufacturer, the 1.3 version of the CamproVVT engine has a maximum horsepower of 94 horsepower and a peak torque of 120Nm; the 1.6 engine has 107 horsepower and 150Nm torque. This test drive is fortunate to be arranged to the top version of the 1.6L model, so next we will share with you the driving experience of the 1.6L version. 

Let's talk about the power part first. The Iriz, the domestic version, is also a 1.6L version. When it is actually driven, you can obviously feel a heavy trust, but it is not too serious. Until the 1.6LIriz after the minor modification, this problem has been significantly improved, but it has not been completely resolved. I think this is related to the characteristics of the CVT gearbox and the Campro engine. Despite this, Xiaobian still emphasizes that the throttle response and power transmission of the new car is still within the acceptable range of Xiaobian. Maybe the starting performance is not its strengths (in fact, it has improved a lot), but the dynamic performance in the mid-term It ’s okay for a car so positioned. As for the later stage, it ’s normal for small horsepower to weaken, so do n’t expect too much. 

As for the gearbox, I believe everyone knows that the PunchCVT gearbox used by Iriz has been criticized in the past, mainly because its shifting logic is slow and there will be noise. In response to this, Proton claimed that because Geely also uses the same PunchCVT gearbox on some models and has considerable experience, it turned to Geely for assistance and sent a group of engineers to meet with Proton and Punch representatives to solve the problem. CVT issues.

After the in-depth experience, the conclusions reached are as stated in the preliminary test drive report of the editor of Jason, in fact, these characteristics still exist, but they are not so strong intuitively. If you do n’t experience them in detail, the basic is No problem, so it is really improved compared to the small modification, but when the engine enters a high-speed state, the noise from the gearbox is still obvious, but it is not as harsh as before. In terms of sound insulation, although the factory has optimized it, wind noise still exists when the vehicle is driving at high speed.

In terms of control, Proton has always been very good at adjusting the chassis and suspension system. This is Proton's strengths, so Iriz after the small modification naturally did not disappoint. Among many similar models, we have driven the best Ford Fiesta and Iriz. Thanks to the solidness of the chassis, whether it is straight or curved, its stability at high speed is undoubtful, and the limit it can play is very high, which is also part of Xiaobian's favorite Iriz. Of course, there are gains and losses. Just because its chassis suspension is adjusted hard, its vibration filtering performance will naturally be poor. Therefore, passengers on the road may feel uncomfortable when driving on poor roads. 

In addition, this time Iriz drive a small modification of the model also made the editor find a slight change (also a surprise). If you have driven a Proton model, you should not have difficulty finding Proton's steering wheel settings The weird logic is that the steering of the steering wheel is heavier when driving at low speeds, but becomes very light at high speeds, which directly affects the flexibility of vehicles driving in urban areas. In response to this, the factory has made improvements to Iriz. Although the steering wheel response at low speed is not as light as other models, it has finally found a balance point. 

At the level of driving, I feel that driving Iriz will be more comfortable than driving Myvi. Although many people think that the power of Malaysian national cars is very strong (Myvi, which we often see on the road, runs fast), In terms of stability and comfort (driver's seat), Iriz is superior to Myvi. If there are only two cars to choose from, I would prefer to drive Iriz for long distances. Iriz has a lot of advantages after the small change, but at the same time it has some parts that are inferior to the opponent. The most obvious is the lack of advanced active safety configuration, such as active emergency braking (AEB). Maybe everyone will feel that this requirement will be a bit harsh for an entry-level model, but do n’t forget its rival Myvi, even ASegment ’s Korean car Kia Picanto is already equipped on the top version (although Myvi ’s Only half a set), Proton should keep up with the times. 

Iriz's traditional safety configuration is fairly comprehensive. I’m a bit unacceptable in terms of airbags. Look at its opponent Myvi has four entry.Iriz can only have 6 airbags in the top-quality version, and the rest are all 2. Compared to Myvi,  it is a fact that Iriz has better body structure and materials than the latter. This time, there is also a small remodeled car. It is not difficult to find Proton's good intentions and sincerity, but many of its improved parts are not directly visible.