Charge the car battery if your car stutters

When your car is stuttering on the road, the cause doesn’t one hundred percent lie in the engine but may lie in a broken battery.

Just like a car, battery ages and loses capacity as time goes by. But if you just forgot to turn off the lights and the car battery went dead overnight, you can easily fix the problem by charging it to a new one.

Can I charge my car battery while driving?

If you know someone who can get you started and you don't have a charger, you can easily charge your car while driving. In the meantime, however, all electrical devices that are not absolutely necessary must be switched off. 

Solutions? Radio off, air conditioning off and maybe you should also do without the seat heating in exceptional cases. 

If you want to charge the car battery while driving, the following also applies: drive at high speed. Anyone who has ever wanted to run all gears like a bad racing driver now has the opportunity. After about half an hour, the battery should be full enough. 

The disadvantage here is the fuel costs for a ride like this are pretty high, and you might look a little dumb if you move your Fiat Punto near the rev limiter.

How to charge the car battery?

Note: If you want to charge your car battery in the home garage, a charger will save you lots of bothers.

– remove the black cable (negative pole), then the red (positive pole). Make absolutely sure that the charger is not yet connected to the socket and connect the battery to the device. (in short: first red, then black). 

Make sure that any gases that are formed can escape from the battery without causing an acidic explosion. Most energy stores have air holes for this. 

If these are safely done, you can start putting the charger in the socket and wait. The charging voltage and the monitoring of the charging process are taken care of by modern chargers. Devices with an analogue display are ready when the pointer is at 0, which means that no more current flows into the battery.

How long does it take to charge the car battery? 

When the charging process is finished, you can remove the charger again and connect the battery again (short version: first red, then black). Bonnet closed, done. 

If the procedure worked, your car should start up immediately as usual. Otherwise there may be a problem with the battery itself. But remember, do not open them anyhow! 

Installing new batteries is cheap and easy. Try to get it done by yourself!