Debuted with High Performance – 2020 Honda Jazz Gain Reputation among Housewives

To be launched in 2020 ,the 2020 Honda Jazz is configured with the most sophisticated accessories including dual power hybrid system. According to news, Honda Jazz / Fit sells well in our market every month! The upcoming model of the popular B-segment hatchback builds on the class-leading comfort and space Jazz is famous for with exceptional “EV-like” driving dynamics and developed technology and high-security index. Why is it so good? Of course, set aside the premium specifications, the main reason is that Honda Jazz's performance is quite balanced! 

Let's talk about why the hatchbacks in the domestic market were not easy to buy except Perodua. The reason is that compared to foreign hatchbacks, Perodua's hatchbacks are cheaper, and have the advantages of fuel economy, good parking and low maintenance. Therefore, they are very suitable for fresh people who have just entered the society. But in the early days of foreign countries, the price of brand hatchbacks is very high, and people who can afford it will choose RVs. Because of their higher practicality, hatchbacks made by foreign brands are not easy to sell, but Honda Malaysia has been second in China's CKD since 2011. The Honda Jazz became the cheapest car in Honda Malaysia (only RM74,800), and Honda Jazz has always been known for its space performance. Its space performance completely lifted the rest of the same class models, so gradually let local consumers accept foreign brands of hatchbacks.

The price of the present Honda Jazz is affordable and reasonable. The entry-level S price is RM72,800. Although the price of the S-version is close to the previous generation, it is less VSA than the previous generation, so more people choose the price. Slightly higher E (RM79,800) and V (RM87,800), some people may ask, why not choose Honda City for the four-door RV at this price? (After all, Honda City was already on sale in China earlier than Honda Jazz, and the market response was quite good.) Let me use your personal experience to analyze it. 

I have personally tested the Honda Jazz three times (one of which was a Hybrid model), and I have made long-distance trips, including traveling to Penang with friends and returning home two times. Although it is a hatchback, the space performance of Jazz is really outstanding. When I first tested the Honda Jazz, I traveled with my friends to Penang for four adults and three days and two nights of luggage. It is more than enough to cope with this Jazz. Of course, the main reason is that the volume of the rear compartment of Honda Jazz reaches 363L, and the overall flatness is very good. After arriving in Penang, it is very easy to find parking because it is a hatchback Position, and the urban shuttle is very flexible. The most important thing is that the fuel consumption performance is very good. The fuel consumption performance obtained by cruising at 110 km / h from Penang to Kuala Lumpur is 17.3 km / L, which is in four Adults also have the performance of luggage plus local produce for three days and two nights, and this is still the ordinary version of Jazz. If it is a hybrid version, I believe the fuel consumption will be even better!

The characteristics of Honda Jazz are exactly what consumers currently need. Generally, urban driving is very flexible and easy to find parking spaces. In addition, the fuel consumption performance is good, and when you need to carry people or loads, Jazz can meet them. Your needs, which is why Honda Jazz is so popular in our country! And why is my title Honda Jazz a car for my wife? The first is that the current Honda Jazz ’s basic safety equipment is complete, and the second is driving in the urban area with low fuel consumption, which is convenient for adults to take children to school to buy food and buy daily supplies. When you need to use Honda Jazz Big and small cars are also quite suitable! 

From the information we have discussed before, it is doubt that there will be some advertising elements? Don't worry, let's talk about the shortcomings of Honda Jazz.Perhaps the engine performance of the Honda Jazz is still very good, but there is still a big distance between the suspension settings in the chassis and the previous two generations, so I can only say that the fish and the bear's paw cannot be combined. If you are the first or second-generation Honda Jazz owner, you should know that the Honda Jazz's handling performance is very good, but it sacrifices in comfort, while in the coming generation Honda Jazz 2020, it is Beginning to the middle, all aspects are average, so it will not be so good in terms of sports performance.