Guidance on choosing Toyota Vios 2019

The new Toyota Vios 2019 is officially unveiled at the Kuala Lumpur International Auto Show (KLIMS 2018)! The new Toyota Vios is equipped with 360-T technology and claims to be composed of 3 T elements, namely Safe-T, Connectivi-T and Guaran-T. It will cancel the Manual Gear configuration and is going to offer three Auto Gear configurations: Vios 1.5G, Vios 1.5E and Vios 1.5J.

latest security functions and systems

The new Vios has covered blind spots, including audible warnings when objects outside the driver's field of vision approach the vehicle. Have a glance at the following information will help you have a more comprehensive knowledge of Toyota Vios 2019.  

Toyota Vios enjoys the safety of the front digital video and cooperate with the forward warning collision system, alerting you when you are within 15 meters of the vehicle in front. Additionally, lane departure warning (LDW) can warn you when an unintentional lane change is detected. 

The new Vios is equipped with 7 SRS airbags (double front, side, curtain, driver's knee) to protect you and your passengers from the front and back. After you lift your foot off the brake pedal, the Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) maintains brake pressure to prevent the vehicle from rolling back on steep slopes. 

latest technology 

You can connect your phone to the new Vios to access navigation and entertainment apps on the larger screen of your dashboard without compromising your security.

However you had better never use the USB port to keep the device running. Most importantly, The brand-new Toyota Vios enjoy 5-year warranty and unlimited mileage from the date of first registration. Excited? 

Tips for buying the idlest Vios

When it comes to the domestic small RV market, Vios is undoubtedly the leader in class pitch. It not only sells far more than competitors in the same class, it is also the third best-selling coupe model in the country. It is second only to Altis and Yaris in the same door. The car series has undergone a small makeover since last March, which has been reduced and replaced with a more lively and sleek appearance design, and the top-of-the-line safety equipment has been strengthened. It has attracted a lot of attention from the target petty capital and first-time purchasers.

The small modified Vios offers six exterior car colors to choose from. In addition to the more popular gray-scale color system, in order to attract younger ethnic groups, the original factory also provides two more vibrant car colors of charming red and star blue. Blue is a new color after the small change, which is distinctive and different from the mainstream personality style. Personally recommend it!  

Vios's main standard is equipped with all black interiors. Although classic interior models are also available in beige interiors, only the production needs to be scheduled separately and the waiting period is longer, and it is not resistant to dirt. The main consideration for non-target customers is the visibility of the car. Also quite low.

In addition to the entry-level elegant 14-inch iron rims and monochrome rim covers, the other two models are equipped with V-shaped six-spoke 15-inch aluminum rims as standard; the braking system uses a front disc rear drum configuration. The tires of the entire car series use the Maxxis MA-307 energy-saving and economical tires. 


Toyota Vios Power continues the 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine of this generation. The maximum output is maintained at 107hp / 14.3kgm, and it is equipped with an analog 7-speed CVT stepless transmission system to transmit power to the front axle. Minor changes and additional Sport Mode driving modes for top-of-the-line luxury models. By adjusting the gearbox shift logic to achieve the effect of delayed forward and reverse gears, it can improve the smoothness of shifting and maintain full power, but relatively It will also increase fuel consumption.

In the first purchase and petty customer groups, the cost per cent per cent is even more expensive! We will take the "everyday practicality" and "safety" as the main evaluation criteria for prospective buyers. We will analyze the three models on sale for each other to select the most recommended model to start with! 

The mid-range classic model has a price difference of 30,000 from the entry model. The main upgrade is more oriented to texture. From this stage onwards, 15-inch aluminum rings, fisheye halogen headlights, electric folding rearview mirrors, Drive + system and touch control are standard. Screens and other equipment, the interior also uses more accessories to make detailed makeup. But overall, the equipment seems to be rich, but it can not help but feel a little fancy, not only has limited practicality, but the safety equipment is even more than the entry-level image-type reversing radar. It is more practical to omit the aforementioned equipment to enhance passive safety! 

The only top-of-the-line luxury model with a base price of over 600,000 is also the main star after a small change. The focus is on updating the driving mode selection functions of the "Sport Sport" and "Eco", and it also comes standard with 7 airbags. In addition, it includes Keyless, single-zone constant-temperature air-conditioning and constant-speed cruise functions, which are also only equipped on luxury models! Even though it has a price difference of 90,000 yuan with the elegant version, the top gauge has more comprehensive safety assistance and practical equipment, making it a relatively recommended choice in the car series.

The system is still worth considering. However, if there is a willingness to choose in the mid-to-high-end, you may wish to refer to the 698,000 entry-level new Altis. In addition to space, it is also equipped with a TNGA chassis, 7 airbags and TSS active safety as standard, which will be an ideal choice. As an entry-level positioning RV, I dare not say how much it requires in terms of power and space, but good maintenance, value preservation, and high availability are the incentives for Vios to buy a car of the same level, and the choice point lies in the richness of equipment. Regardless of options, a luxury type with both security and practicality is the recommended choice; otherwise, under the budget constraint, the elegant model will increase the price by 65,000 plus front and rear radar, blind spot detection, door collision warning lights, gear locks and anti-theft.