Something new about Honda City 2020

Honda's technology may be the keyword when it comes to Honda. May not be its look. But a great success has been achieved in the appearance of the tenth-generation Civic. It also captured a large number of consumers. With the success ahead, Honda can't help taking good use of the good image created by Civic. 

Sure enough, on the tenth-generation Accord, Honda also used a front face similar to the Civic, which was nicknamed "large Civic" by netizens. Recently, there is another car launched on the market, which is Honda's entry-level compact sedan-Honda City.

Honda City 2019

Speaking of Honda City 2019, it should be a model with a historical year. It used to be one of the first choices for many consumers to buy compact cars and enjoyed stable sales. However, with the rise of domestic cars and the popularity of SUVs, Honda City gradually faded out of people's vision.

In order to compete for the young market, Honda also launched two cars, Gerry Honda and Honda CR-V, to replace Honda City. However, the results were not satisfactory. On the contrary, the tepid CITY has always contributed to stable sales. Although it has declined somewhat in 2019, it still can provide an average of 3,000 units per month, which is enough to show that there is still a small market for entry-level compact cars.

Perhaps it is precisely seeing the market potential that Honda has decided to replace this veteran who has been in the market for many years. In fact, as early as the end of last year, some overseas media released the official map of Honda CITY. Not only the ordinary version but also an RS sports version, using unique ignite red paint, and black coating on the grille, rearview mirror, etc Equipment, creating a breath of fighting.

The front part uses a front face very similar to the Civic. The narrow grille complements the low-lying posture and is full of movement. Not only that, the RS version also uses more sophisticated LED headlights than Civic, and the overall visual effect is very windy. 

Honda City 2020

Of course, the side of CITY is much more compact. As an entry-level compact car, the space of the Honda City 2020 is still not a highlight. However, this positioning is understandable. After all, if you want a large space, there are two models of Lingpai and Xiangyu. CITY is good for entry-level and slightly personalized positioning.

The length, width, and height of the new CITY are 4553/1748 / 1457mm, and the wheelbase is 2589mm. Compared with the current CITY, it is 113mm longer, 53mm wider, and 10mm lower in height, but the wheelbase has been shortened by 11mm. Therefore, it can be seen that the positioning of the new CITY is completely different from that of a completely family car such as Crider.

 The tail of the new CITY is slightly simpler, but not mediocre. Its irregular LED taillights add a lot of color to the new car. Of course, the new CITY does not have the skinny center exhaust on the Civic. 

The new CITY is not only refined in appearance, but also upgraded in configuration. Honda suffers from the ridiculous noise problem and has been alleviated in the new CITY. The new CITY uses polyurethane spray foam and a thicker engine bottom cover, which not only reduces the noise introduced into the cab, but also provides better insulation Improve car comfort. In addition, the new CITY is also equipped with a 16-inch wheel. You know, the Civic is only equipped with 16-inch wheels in the low and medium models. 

The interior of the new CITY has also been refreshed, especially when compared to the current CITY. First of all, in terms of layout, the new CITY uses a penetrating shape, which not only makes the interior more concise, but also broadens the interior vision of the car and enhances the sense of grade.

In addition, the texture of the new CITY has also been greatly improved. The material of the center console is more refined. The most important thing is that each physical button is quite delicate. Level of a compact car.

Of course, the 2020 model will be digital. The new CITY uses a new dashboard design. Although it is not a full LCD screen, the visual effect is much higher than the current model. The central control screen is directly equipped with a large-size LCD screen. From the picture, it is even higher than the spec on the Civic. According to experience, the new CITY should have a built-in honda connect intelligent networking system. It is expected that its high-end version will also be equipped with Honda's honda sensing security system. 

Although the wheelbase of the new CITY has not been strengthened, its legroom is larger than before. The "space magician" is not a stigma, because the new CITY uses the same infrastructure as the FIT, and its cabin is more spacious than before. In short, for a Honda, space should be the least worrying issue.

I don't know if the RS version will be equipped with the same 1.5T engine as the Civic. However, even the 1.0T is much stronger than the 1.5L engine of the current model.Of course, the CVT continuously variable transmission matches it. In terms of power, the new CITY will be equipped with Honda's 1.0T three-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 92 kW and a peak torque of 173 N · m.